1. Prices and registration terms
    Until September 2nd, 2024
    Price: 30 euros per person for the first registration, subsequent registrations 7 euros per person for each one.

    From September 3rd to October 2nd, 2024
    Price: 35 euros per person for the first registration, subsequent registrations 7 euros per person for each one

    From October 3rd, registrations will only be accepted if the athletes are previously registered, and there are lanes available in race. These late registrations will have a penalty of 7 euros per person registered on current prices (7 + 7 for subsequent registrations).

  2. How to register

    By internet, at the adress www.entries.remoandaluz.net
  3. Considerations

    Registration is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of these General Conditions and the Data Protection Policy
    Athletes must be 27 years or older as 31-Dec-2024
    Each competitor will be responsible for his own health and physical condition and must be able to prove his age by presenting an official document
    Age categories do not apply to coxswain

    A      Minimum age 27 years or more
    B      Average age 36 years or more
    C      Average age 43 years or more
    D      Average age 50 years or more
    E      Average age 55 years or more
    F      Average age 60 years or more
    G     Average age 65 years or more
    H     Average age 70 years or more
    I      Average age 75 years or more

  4. Method of payment

    When we receive the registration, we will send you the instructions for the payment, and you must proceed to pay it within 15 days (the month of August is not considered business). If the registration payment is not made within that period, it is understood that you renounce it and we will proceed to cancel the registration.

    After the cancellation of the registration, you must make a new registration. The new registration will be valued at the new current price.

  5. Modification / Cancellation of entries

    After paying the registration, no modifications or cancellations will be accepted, and the amount will not be refunded in any case.

    +info entries@sevillarowingmaster.com

Race Schedule 2024

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